Prem Line was born in 2006 from the creativity, passion and perseverance of Vanni Pedron who from the experience gained in 40 years of work, obtains the skills to give life to a new entrepreneurial activity in which creative flair, design research, analysis, selection and attention to detail are combined in the processing of PET surfaces.
His passion is passed on and shared by his sons Laura and Stefano who have supported him since the beginning, taking over the management over time.

Premline's production process

Today Prem Line is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production of PET decorative surfaces.
A record that over the years has spread beyond national borders and which today boasts a presence in more than 25 countries on 4 continents, demonstrating the company's international vision.

Premline's production

The decision to structure part of its professional, commercial and marketing experience by managing relationships with many foreign countries, has allowed Prem Line to acquire a know-how, experience and a financial and commercial structure that allow it today to be able to express all its potential and to be counted among those companies that have succeeded in affirming the made in Italy brand internationally.
Dialux® is the first collection created by Prem Line in 2006 and best represents the company's skills. The first glossy surface is born, able to combine exceptional aesthetic characteristics with equally exceptional surface resistances, not yet present on the market.
Always attentive to the evolution of market and design trends, Prem Line subsequently realizes two extremely opaque collections: Supermat + ® and Supermat + ® Plus. The unmistakable velvet effect that is appreciable to the touch, a very high resistance to scratches and chemical agents and the peculiarity of being anti-fingerprint are just some of the distinctive features of these collections.

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