Production and sale of PET panels

Prem Line has specialized in the processing of PET surfaces.
PET (polyethylene terephthalate) was born in 1941 and is one of the most commonly used polymers in the European food packaging industry (containers for fruit and vegetables and bottles of water) and in the medical sector.
In 2006 Prem Line was the first company to introduce PET in the furniture sector using it with its own formula called PET-Prem.

"I was immediately won over by the fact that PET was an ecological material. I thought I could offer furnishing solutions suitable for every type of sector that over time would never have harmful implications for the environment. It wasn't easy but the facts proved me right! " proudly states the founder Vanni Pedron who does not stop aiming high by looking at the largest companies with the aim of being able to stand up to them.
"I know every aspect of PET. In my children and my collaborators I see the same passion of mine. I am proud to have passed on to all of them the vision and potential of this innovative material and its multiple uses. Thanks to new the technologies and the creative minds that animate the company, I am sure I can continue to bring innovative elements to the market that can continue to surprise it. "

Even today Prem Line is the only company in the world to be able to boast the authorship of the entire production process which involves the extrusion of foils, the matching with decoratives and the lamination of the panels.
The PET surfaces are extruded in different thicknesses and are protected by a nano-technological process that make them resistant to scratches and solvents. A homogeneous raw material of the highest quality that guarantees constant products over time with 96/100 gloss gloss and super matt <6 gloss.
Furthermore it is 100% recyclable, produces no emissions, is PVC-free and does not change when exposed to UV rays.
For years Prem Line has relied on the best accredited institutes and laboratories (TÜV and CATAS) to certify its products: the values are measured and tabulated in the relative Test Reports.
The creative ability, the continuous improvements in the quality of the products in combination with a constant study of research, have allowed the company to be considered one of the best production companies in the interior decoration sector and to give life to a material with a very high technological content.

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