Prem Line is the leading expert in high-end decorative Surfaces.
"My dream is that Prem Line will always stand out for its professionalism, quality, innovation, and design. I want our customers to see us as a point of reference for the development of their projects. I like the idea of participating in the realization of the successes of our partners because indirectly they are also our successes. Teamwork is a winning weapon today and is a fundamental prerogative also within our team."
Laura Pedron, CEO Prem Line
Our customers are our partners and we work to build a strong and competitive relationship of trust.
We continue to invest in research and development to maintain excellence through innovation and to honor the leading position on the international market in the production of decorative PET surfaces.
Prem Line surfaces are an expression of the values of innovation, design, respect for the environment, attention to detail and quality.
The result is 100% made in Italy excellence, much appreciated for creating both domestic environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and residential and commercial projects such as hotels, shop furnishings or motor homes.
Flexibility and customization are the key-points that have always distinguished Prem Line in responding quickly and efficiently to market demands.
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