innovative surface in recycled PET

PREMCYCLE is the innovative surface in recycled PET.

The future is our responsibility and we can always choose what to buy, what to sell and what to consume.

Each of our choices can represent a step towards a better future.
Each of our choices can influence someone else to make the same choice.
Each of our choices can make a difference.

Prem Line has chosen PREMCYCLE to help safeguard the planet and raise awareness of looking beyond borders.
Sustainability has long been at the center of international debates and among the most urgent issues that contemporary society has to face. Design can contribute with concrete actions and implement behaviors that can have significant effects on the environmental impact.
With PREMCYCLE Prem Line adheres to a sustainable design that aims to minimize or eliminate the negative effects of industrial production on the environment through the use of sustainable materials and the enhancement of the quality and durability of products without losing their function and aesthetics.
PET, polyethylene terephthalate, is a type of plastic suitable for contact with food, ideal for the production of bottles. Its peculiarity is that it is a material that can be recycled over and over again, thanks to which each bottle can enjoy a new life.
Why not also make our furniture products with high environmental sustainability?
With the introduction of PREMCYCLE, we are committed day by day to reducing our impact on the planet by removing more plastic from the environment than we produce.
PREMCYCLE is the result of the experience in the processing of PET surfaces and of the search for the perfect formula during the extrusion phase of the foil which has allowed us to create an ecological material that has all the technical features of our Dialux® and Supermat + ® collections including the guarantee of color retention over time.
The virtues of PREMCYCLE as an innovative material are eco-compatibility and eco-sustainability.
However, being a plastic material made from petroleum and methane, where does the ecological qualities of PET come from?
First of all, it is 100% recyclable because it does not lose any of its fundamental properties during the recovery process and can therefore be transformed repeatedly. It is also a material that respects the environment because when it is incinerated it emits only water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
PET is therefore a product that does not emit toxic substances into the environment, respects the health of the planet and allows you to cover kitchens, bathrooms, shop fittings and different types of furniture with a beautiful material, resistant to scratches, dirt, light and heat.
By choosing PREMCYCLE we restore value to society by taking care of the community with responsibility.

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