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working on furniture panel
esempio lavorazioni: placcatura Premline: esempio lavorazioni
It's the heat lamination of a PET foil (PET-Prem™ ) on a panel.
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Cutting to size process of the board.
You can use different machines but we suggest you to use cutting machines with blades with diamond inserts because in this way the sharpening is more resistant and allows a longer life.
For a better warranty of quality of the finished product, we suggest to make the processings in clean environments with adequate suction system.
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Prem Line Surfaces are supplied also with matching edgetapes. The best solution for a good quality and long lasting edgebanding is to use a polyurethane glue (PUR).
Edgebanding can be made starting from a thickness of 8 mm. Edgetapes are available in PET and ABS.
esempio lavorazioni: post-forming Premline: esempio lavorazioni
It's the coating process of the edges made during the lamination.
The coating material sticks out the width of the board and then it is shaped and glued on the edge using heat and shaped wheels.
Available for boards or profiles, 1 or 2 sides postformed starting from 1 mm radius.
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The folding process consists on the cut on the backside of the board with a 45° angle. This process creates some grooves that allows the panel to be folded. In this way you can create light elements with very high thicknesses.
esempio lavorazioni: Foratura e fresatura Premline: esempio lavorazioni
Drilling and milling
Custom-made drillings are made using … machines. They are made to insert hardware (handles, hinges etc).
Milling is a process to remove material.
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Inclined shaped handle
Profiles are made with inclined shape WITHOUT JOINTS. With 30°, 35°,45° and adjustable angle profiles are available in 1 or 2 shaped sides in all the thicknesses.
esempio lavorazioni: presa maniglia gola J Premline: esempio lavorazioni
J shaped handle
Profiles are made with J handle shape WITHOUT JOINTS. Available in 19 and 22 mm thickness.
esempio lavorazioni: curvatura Premline: esempio lavorazioni
Bending processing can be realised with thin panels.
esempio lavorazioni: Lavorazioni doghe Premline: esempio lavorazioni
Staves process
Process made through grooves on the Surface that creates the effect of staves.
esempio lavorazioni Serigrafia Premline: esempio lavorazioni
Process that allows a stamp on the Surface.
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