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Supermat+® surface
Supermat+® is the extremely matt Surface (6 GU) that interprets the latest trend of design. Characterized by the unmistakable velvet effect you can touch, this Surface provides a very high resistance to scratches and chemicals. Supermat+® is available in 8 solid colours in addition to a wide range of Design finishes.
Technical features
opaque panel Panels made in Italy
Extremely matt
The innovative matt surface Supermat+®, thanks to the low light reflectance (<6 gloss) and the unmistakable soft velvet touch, is a high mechanical performance material, suitable for every type of environment for architecture.
panel opaque - Premline Premline: panels made in Italy
Velvet Touch
The extremely matt surfaces is characterized by the unmistakable effect you can touch.
panel opaque - Premline Premline: panels made in Italy
High resistance to chemicals
This is one of the most important properties of surfaces. The surfaces must be resistant to the stresses of use and cleaning, made to last during the time. With the highest degree of wear resistance (UNI EN 15186:2012 DIN 68861:2013 part.4), Prem Line Surfaces are protected by a special nano-technological treatment that makes them the leading product for architecture.
panel opaque - Premline Premline: panels made in Italy
High resistance to chemicals
The Surfaces provides a very high resistance of chimicals and solvents.
Panels long durability Premline: panels made in Italy
Uv resistance
Beauty and reliability are values that we consider strategic especially for our Partners. Prem Line Surfaces have no colour changes over the time neither contain any volatile substances which may cause unforeseens after their installation.
panel opaque - Premline Premline: panels made in Italy
Easy cleaning
Stain-resistant, solvents and water proof, all surfaces are designed to be easy to maintain. You can use the most common cleaning detergents and also solvents such as acetoneit. The special nano-technological surface treatment vitrifies PET and thanks to the very closed-pore layer it does not hold dirt, dust and prevents the mites.
panel opaque - Premline Premline: panels made in Italy
Product traceability
All PREM LINE Panels are branded and they have identification code with production batch for allowing traceability.
Ecological wood panel made in Italy Premline: panels made in Italy
PVC Free-environmental friendly
Prem Line produces Surfaces with unique features without forgetting the environment. All Prem Line products also comply ith the most restrictive regulations, do not give out dioxin and are PVC-free.
Supermat+® collection and finishings
Supermat+® is available in different colours and allows you to express a great customization in the use.
example finishing white Supermatt Premline: finishing example
White S4303
example finishing white Supermatt Premline: finishing example
Ivory S4321
example finishing Cappuccino Supermatt Premline: finishing example
Cappuccino S4557
example finishing Bordeaux Red Supermatt Premline: finishing example
Bordeaux Red S3089
example finishing light gray Supermatt Premline: finishing example
Light Grey S4523
example finishing Gray Supermatt Premline: finishing example
Grey S6870
example finishing Dove Gray Premline: finishing example
Dove Grey S8238
example finishing Anthracite Premline: finishing example
Anthracite S4517
finishing-Supermatt-blue.jpg Premline: finishing example
Blue Navy S4088
blue finishing Royal Premline: finishing example
Blue Royal S4089
example-finishing-black.jpg Premline: finishing example
Black S4602
Canvas D8671
example-finishing-light-olive-Supermatt-Design.jpg Premline: finishing example
Light Olive S8439
example finishing Supermatt Dark  olive Premline: finishing example
Light olive S8438
Prugno D8440
example finishing teak manila Supermatt Design Premline: finishing example
Teak Manila S8104
example finishing Ebony Supermatt Design Premline: finishing example
Ebano S8807
example finishing gray oak Supermatt Design Premline: finishing example
Grey Oak S8022
example-finishing-Cocobolo-Supermatt-Design.jpg Premline: finishing example
Cocobolo S8021
example finishing Steel Premline: finishing example
Steel S7012
example finishing Concrete Supermatt Design Premline: finishing example
Concrete S8040
example finishing Carrara Marble Supermatt Design Premline: finishing example
Carrara Marble S8071
example working: lamination Premline working example
It's the heat lamination of a PET foil (PET-Prem™ ) on a panel.
example working: sizing Premline: example working
Cutting to size process of the board.
You can use different machines but we suggest you to use cutting machines with blades with diamond inserts because in this way the sharpening is more resistant and allows a longer life.
For a better warranty of quality of the finished product, we suggest to make the processings in clean environments with adequate suction system.
example working: edgebanding Premline: example working
Prem Line Surfaces are supplied also with matching edgetapes. The best solution for a good quality and long lasting edgebanding is to use a polyurethane glue (PUR).
Edgebanding can be made starting from a thickness of 8 mm. Edgetapes are available in PET and ABS.
example working: post-forming Premline: example working
It's the coating process of the edges made during the lamination.
The coating material sticks out the width of the board and then it is shaped and glued on the edge using heat and shaped wheels.
Available for boards or profiles, 1 or 2 sides postformed starting from 1 mm radius.
example working: folding Premline: example working
The folding process consists on the cut on the backside of the board with a 45° angle. This process creates some grooves that allows the panel to be folded. In this way you can create light elements with very high thicknesses.
example working: Drilling and milling Premline: finishing example
Drilling and milling
Custom-made drillings are made using … machines. They are made to insert hardware (handles, hinges etc).
Milling is a process to remove material.
example working: inclined shaped handle Premline working example
Inclined shaped handle
Profiles are made with inclined shape WITHOUT JOINTS. With 30°, 35°,45° and adjustable angle profiles are available in 1 or 2 shaped sides in all the thicknesses.
example working: J shaped handle Premline working example
J shaped handle
Profiles are made with J handle shape WITHOUT JOINTS. Available in 19 and 22 mm thickness.
example working: bending Premline: example working
Bending processing can be realised with thin panels.
example working: Staves process Premline working example
Staves process
Process made through grooves on the Surface that creates the effect of staves.
example working: Serigraphy Premline working example
Process that allows a stamp on the Surface.
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