Always a step forward

Always a step forward
More and more space for creativity with the new PET-Prem® Surfaces. Suitable for different styles of use, classic, modern, glamour, the new Prem Line finishes re-enrich the Collection.
...real metal sheet or what else? Inspired by noble raw materials such as steel, bronze, brass and aluminum, this new Collection is the result of long technological research. ...try to reflect, you can't scarcely believe your eyes!
Brass Copper Alu Iron
Wood grains
There 3 are the new Surfaces inspired to nature. Wood and technology blend to become high technology Surfaces. Available in high gloss and supermatt finishes.
Ebony Silver Grey Oak Cocobolo
New Grey Supermatt
The new Grey Supermatt is available, which with its current character, rides the trend of the moment with a solid color of excellence.
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